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1. Single point of contact for regional integration with, a pooled demand from multiple markets in the Middle East and North Africa


2. Eliminate payment risk by guaranteeing  your payment


3. Competitive payment terms


3. Regular purchases of wide specifications of your production.


4. Access to a reliable and reputable customer-base with multiple specializations


5. No foreign-exchange risk, trade is conducted in your local currency

For Sawmills

MAROSEF is a multi-market distributor and supply-chain optimizer for wholesale, construction, joinery, and pallet industries in the Middle East.


MAROSEF has delivered to;

  • Alexandria, EGYPT

  • Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA

  • Casablanca, MOROCCO

  • Aqaba, JORDAN

  • Bizerte, TUNISIA

  • Benghazi, LIBYA

  • Yantian, CHINA

  • Shanghai, CHINA

  • Qingdao, CHINA



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